Ways to Help Convince Attorneys That You Can Help Them As an Expert Witness

The introductory phone call is your biggest Vintage watch opportunity to influence an attorney’s decision to engage you. Show him that you now understand litigation support and that you know your specialty. You can begin by suggesting how you would approach a case he has. Be proactive with your experience and skills.

Once you have a little experience under your belt, you can offer no cost technical guidance with regard to a case, or even share things that other attorneys have done in similar cases. You are not giving advice to a lawyer on the law, but you are sharing your experiences YTMP3 in other cases that are similar. If you have more expertise in a particular kind of case than the attorney has then your experience may help him to identify areas of need. You could suggest the steps you might take to reach an opinion in the case. This approach uses your specialty expertise as a selling tool in a low-key way.

Do your credentials and qualifications support your claim to being an expert, and does your CV instantly convey that claim? Do you sound wonderful when you speak, Youtube to MP3 and do you speak well and clearly? Shyness does not become an expert witness. great eye contact is a valued skill.

Can you dress well? Think of your initial meeting with an attorney as a job interview. Wear business clothing. If you see that the atmosphere in the office is more casual, then you might dress down a bit for future meetings but never dress more hogar casually than those you will be working with. You want to impress attorneys with your professionalism, and your appearance contributes to that. When you attend a deposition or a trial, you should take the same approach to appearance as well. You want everyone to see you as both serious and professional in appearance as well as in demeanor.

Sloppiness in your appearance suggests carelessness in your work.

You should consider one more thing. Do surpriseattackrecords not overdress by wearing flashy clothes or flashy jewelry. One lawyer I worked for pointed out to me that the opposing expert had on a $10,000 watch during a deposition. He said jurors don’t want it rubbed in their noses exactly how much money experts make. The attorney planned to make a point of the watch with the jurors if given the opportunity. whado

Judd Robbins has been an internationally recognized expert witness since 1986 in the US and in the UK. He has testified in State and Federal courts and has been featured as a testifying computer forensics expert on MSNBC, Court TV, supporthome and Tech TV. His cases range widely from intellectual property infringement to murder. He has been a best-selling author of more than 30 training and computer books and has created more than 25 training DVDs and videos. In 2010, his book “Expert Witness Training” was published by Presentation Dynamics.


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